Korae Nottveit - 23

Calgary, AB


I chose culinary because I love seeing how happy it makes people to eat the food I cook. It’s a trade I’m able to use at work or home. My dream is to open a restaurant with two concepts: the top floor will be fine dining, and the bottom will be more casual. That way, I’ll be able to cross-utilize food products and even out my food costs and revenue.  

I got involved with skills competitions through my school, SAIT. I competed in 2019, 2021, and 2022, winning the Skills Canada National Competition all three years. I also joined the Culinary Youth Team Canada (2019), then competed at the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany, (2020). In 2021, my coach recommended me for a job in California. Now, I can work in California as a sous chef, thanks to the skills network. 

Interesting Fact  

I want to own a skunk one day. 

Skills For Success  

Adaptability is an instrumental skill. Pressure tests were given to me during competitions and the scope was changed a bit, so I learned to work with it instead of stress about it. Learning to adjust has been a big challenge but has made me more adaptable in all areas of life.  

Communication is also an important skill. I currently work in a hotel with multiple departments using the same food product and equipment for different food services. If a message is relayed to me, I have to make sure it gets to the correct people or we could have issues during operation. 

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