Laurence Racine - 20

School: École des métiers des faubourgs de Montréal
Fashion Technology
Montréal, QC


I’m a very artistic person, I’ve always loved creating and building something with my hands, for me, getting tangible results of my work is simply fantastic. The possibilities are endless and I can unleash my creativity. I would love to pursue a career in high fashion, working for top labels. I also dream of organizing a fashion show highlighting my own collection as a designer. 

I became involved with the skills competitions through my teachers who selected me to compete. This competition made me very proud and gave me a self-confidence I didn’t have at the beginning of my journey. Certain people were not supporting me in my career choice at first and I was able to prove them how talented I was and to show them my perseverance by ranking first in my category at the Skills Canada National Competition. I succeeded and I’m extremely proud of it. 

Interesting Fact 

Crescent Shay is a huge inspiration for me, she creates beautiful pieces of clothing while being self-taught, I think that is admirable. 

Skills for Success 

Creativity and Innovation was a very important skill, I needed a sound original model to stand out from the other candidates for the competition. Adaptability, Problem-Solving and Collaboration are also skills I needed to build to be able to perform. I have to work on my ability to solve problems. As time goes by during the competitions, if something goes wrong, I must be able to find an efficient solution very quickly so that I don’t fall behind. 

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