Louis Anderson

CAE Commercial Aircraft Maintenance Training
Aerospace Technology
Brampton, Ontario

My Skills Background 

I’m an Instructor/Curriculum Developer at CAE Commercial Aircraft Maintenance Training. I’ve been the Expert in my Skill Area since 2019.  

The Importance of Training 

Training is extremely important! Our training is focused on time and stress management, and learning how to maintain a positive mindset. I get to know the competitor and focus on improving their weaknesses while building on their strengths. It’s challenging to meet the training timeline and working within our budget. But I stress to competitors that it’s also important to have fun and learn about themselves! 

As an Expert, I feel we’ve succeeded when I see our competitor giving it their all. I love introducing our competitor to my industry contacts. 

I look forward to seeing the best of the best in the world both within my industry and other trades. A close second to that is developing a network of global contacts and friends within my industry. 

The Value of the Skills for Success  

For our competitor, I rate the importance of the Skills for Success during training and at the competition in this order: Adaptability, Creativity and Innovation, Problem Solving, Communication, Numeracy, Reading, Writing, Digital and Collaboration. I hope our competitor gains new contacts, enjoys competing against the world’s best, and has an unforgettable experience! Along with that, I hope they have fun! 

Why I Love Volunteering 

Why do I volunteer? To give back to the competitors! But I also volunteer because it’s extremely rewarding to see the camaraderie of everyone involved at these events: from the dedicated competitors, to the committed volunteers of the National Technical Committee, to the conscientious and hardworking Skills/Compétences Canada staff and their supporters. It is inspiring!

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