Marte Arreola

CNC Machining
Vancouver, British Columbia

My Skills Background  

I’m a Machinist Instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I get great satisfaction from seeing how raw material transforms into a precision component. But it’s also highly rewarding to see students complete their training and knowing that they’re equipped to handle workplace challenges. I’ve been the Expert in my Skill Area for two years. 

The Importance of Training 

The competitor’s training consists of two objectives. They should first become proficient at programming computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. The competitor must also become skilled in using CAM software to configure computer numerical control (CNC) machines and demonstrate how these machines can efficiently cut, drill and shape custom-designed precision components for engineering and/or manufacturing. 

Throughout the training process, I encourage the competitor to visualize the competition to get them excited about competing at WorldSkills Lyon 2024. I motivate them to train every day! I believe our competitor’s main challenge will be trying to train on the same equipment that will be used at the competition. To mitigate that, we’ll train with as much of that equipment as possible. 

I’ll believe that we’ve succeeded in our training if my competitor receives some recognition for their performance such as a medal, Medallion for Excellence, or an award. 

The Value of the Skills for Success 

It will be important for my competitor to use the Skills for Success of Numeracy and Problem Solving to successfully complete the competition’s project. I hope the WorldSkills Competition experience gives him confidence and perhaps a medal! 

Why I Love Volunteering 

I love to volunteer at WorldSkills Competitions because I love my trade and all the challenges that come with it. This competition features the best in the world. I’d love to play a role in winning a medal for WorldSkills Team Canada 2024. 

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