Mattéo Bérubé - 19

Centre horticole de Laval
Landscape Gardening
Montreal, QC


I chose a skilled trade as a career because it allows me to learn a lot of things. As part of the Landscaping curriculum, I performed very diversified tasks which allowed me to become independent in many types of projects. I would like to learn multiple trades to continuously improve my skills. I would like to work for at least 5 to 10 years in Landscaping to learn most skills related to the trade. 

I was approached by the Canadian expert and coach at our school to compete in skills competitions. The Skills Canada National Competition taught me that I can overcome difficult situations. 

Interesting Fact 

My biggest inspiration is my colleague Élisabeth. She’s very skilled in Landscaping. 

Skills for Success 

For me, the most important skill is Communication. Without communication, it’s almost impossible to work as a team. I think I need to improve my creativity because I have a hard time getting out of my comfort zone. I also have to improve my Problem-Solving skills to find solutions where required. 

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