Matthew Henderson - 19

Calgary, AB

I chose a trade as a career because it suited my skill set as a hands-on person who can think in a mechanical way. Mechatronics presented itself to me as I was going through my mechanical engineering technology program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. It was a perfect fit for my skills and interests. It is my goal to find a job with great opportunity for personal development and to become the best in my field of work.  

My Instructor Daniel Barrett introduced me to skills competitions and the mechatronics competition. The Skills Canada National Competition has opened my eyes to truly how many skilled trade jobs are out there. 

Interesting Fact 
I teach sailing in the summer at the Glenmore reservoir, Calgary southwest. 

Skills for Success
The most instrumental skills in my training process and during the competition have been problem-solving, adaptability, communication, and collaboration. Because mechatronics is a team-based competition, it is crucial for us to collaborate and communicate to ensure the task happens. As well, because the tasks are “randomized”, we need good problem-solving and adaptability skills. 

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