Maxwell Melling - 22

CNC Machining
Victoria, BC


 Since age 11, I was interested in wood and metal working trades. At the end of each day, you had something you could hold in your hand. The power to shape metal with these machines was inspiring, and I was supported by my teachers and local industry leaders to continue my education and build a satisfying and rewarding career as a machinist. I want to be the best in my field and help to advance this trade as much as possible. I am constantly inspired by my family, coworkers, instructors, and global industry leaders who continuously push the boundaries and pave the way for innovation and progress.  

My first exposure to skills competitions was in high school. I was inspired by a medalist at a skills competition in welding. When I got to BCIT, I made it known to my instructors and classmates that it was my goal to compete. I first competed in precision machining and achieved second at the Skills British Columbia Provincial Competition in 2019. The Skills Canada National Competition has had a massive impact on me and my career. It has pushed me to be competitive, learn new skills, try new things, develop new strategies, and to invest in my education.  

Interesting Fact  

I love to dance! Dancing helps me wash away any stresses or problems I have and lets me live in the moment. 

Skills for Success

The skill that’s been instrumental to me is problem-solving. There will never be just one answer to anything in this business and being constantly challenged this way has been engaging and fulfilling. 

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