Miguel Massa - 19

ACCESS Royal Oak
Saint-Hubert, Quebec


I chose a trade as a career because I wanted to try doing something manual. I love bricklaying because it feels like an art and it’s fun to build different projects. My goal is to one day start my own bricklaying company. 

I got involved in skills competitions when my teacher at school saw how I was progressing and asked if I was interested in competing. I have to say that the experience has been fun, exciting, challenging and a little stressful. It was a great feeling to hear that I’d be competing at WorldSkills Lyon 2024. To be able to represent my country is such an honour and I’ll compete to the best of my abilities to win for Canada. My biggest challenge will be that the other competitors might have a bit more hands-on practice and experience than me, however I’m looking forward to competing.  

Interesting fact 
I play basketball on my time off and I also love to binge watch movies and TV shows. 

Skills for Success 
I’d have to say the skills that have benefitted me in training and during the competition have been a mix of creativity and innovation, and problem solving. During the competition we had to be creative. Everyone had their own style and way of building the wall. And problem solving was important because we were told everything about our projects the day before or the day of, so then we had to try to figure out what to do to succeed in the competition. 

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