Paige McMillan - 19

Holland College
3D Digital Game Art
Cornwall, PEI

I was introduced to 3D modelling in college and loved being able to bring my ideas to life in a 3D world. My career goal is to work at a studio to create video games and help bring ideas to life. 

I got involved in skills competitions when my teachers brought it up to the class and I wanted to see how well I would do. Competing in the Skills Canada National Competition has pushed me to continue to improve and find new ways to expand my skills. I get inspired every time I see other people’s creations. Seeing what they are able to do makes me want to push myself to improve. 

Interesting Fact 
I taught myself how to use Blender over my Christmas break and now it’s my main 3D modelling program. 

Skills for Success
Creativity and innovation have been the most important skill for me in order to figure out different ways to reach the end product or to use different tools/techniques to be able to achieve that certain look. The most important skill to improve on would have to be adaptability. In the industry, so many companies want you to be able to use a variety of different programs, and there are always new programs popping up, so being able to adapt to each new thing is very important. 

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