Paxton Coghlin - 18

Humber College
Ilderton, Ontario


My instructor has been a large influence in my decision to choose a trade as a career. What I love about mechatronics, is that it allows me to flex my brain muscles while also getting hands-on experience. I have lots of flexibility in this trade. I don’t really know what I want to do specifically in the future, however my current plan is to work in this industry after I graduate. 

I first got involved with skills competitions during one of my first days in class when the coach gave a presentation on what these competitions have to offer. I went to another information session to find out more details and basically started training right after that. I was very excited to learn that I will be competing at WorldSkills Lyon 2024. I think my biggest challenge will be to stay focused on the training right up until the WorldSkills Competition begins. 

Interesting fact 
My favourite hobby is training and preparing for WorldSkills Lyon 2024. 

Skills for Success 
Out of the nine plus one Skills for Success, communication has been a struggle during training. My partner and I are working together to communicate more efficiently and improve this skill for the WorldSkills Competition. 

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