Rashad Ali - 20

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
CNC Machining
Surrey, BC


I’m a hands-on type of person and the trades suit me. I chose CNC machining because it’s satisfying to see the parts that I make. My career goals are to complete my apprenticeship and obtain my Red Seal certification.

I got involved in skills competitions through my school; the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). The chief instructor at BCIT offered me the chance to compete at a Skills Canada British Columbia Provincial Competition. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Following my victory at the provincial competition, I qualified to compete at the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC), in Edmonton, and I won the gold medal. The experience of competing and meeting CNC machining competitors from across Canada was what I valued most.

Interesting Fact

I was introduced to this trade at a young age by my father, who worked in a manufacturing facility and took me there during the ‘take your kid to work’ days. This allowed me to see first-hand how the manufacturing process works and the role that CNC machining plays. I became increasingly interested in metal working when I was in high school. After doing some research on future career paths, I found that there were plenty of jobs in the manufacturing industry that paid well.

Essential Skills

Continuous learning is a crucial Essential Skill for CNC machining because gaining experience is an important part of my trade and is something I apply constantly in my training. Numeracy is also important because being precise is crucial when making parts.

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