Robbie McMahon - 21

Holland College
Industrial Control
Charlottetown, PEI


I chose a skilled trade as a career because I enjoy working with my hands and I’m skilled at critical thinking, so this felt like a good fit. I chose industrial control because I love math and I like the challenges that stem from the electrical field. My career goals are to become a Red Seal electrician through the industrial field and help my local business Olympia Electric to thrive.

I got involved in skills competitions through my cousin. He has also competed in industrial control at the national level. [SC1] I was also curious to test and measure my skills against other competitors.

Interesting Fact

I devote most of my free time to volunteering. I’m a volunteer firefighter at my local firehall. I’m also part of the Prince Edward Island search and rescue team because I love to help others in any way that I can.

Essential Skills

Continuous learning has been the most instrumental Essential Skill for my training as I’m constantly learning new tricks and ways to do things more efficiently. Document use is another important skill. Understanding the information clearly makes tasks easier to accomplish.

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