Rosa Maria Donaire Champagne

My Skills Journey

I competed in my Skill Area of Esthetics at the 2022 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) in Vancouver, BC. I was thrilled to win the gold medal in my category! By participating in skill events, I’ve been able to meet and network with so many amazing people within the trade industries. I’ve developed a real passion for creating great skills experiences for youth.

Joining the National Alumni Committee

I decided to join the NAC because I had such an amazing experience as a competitor. I wanted to continue to be a part of the skills movement. I’ve truly enjoyed staying within the competition environment. It’s actually inspired me to return to school and continue my education! I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know the NAC members. We’ve bonded over our skills’ journeys and our personal lives.

Overcoming Career Barriers

The biggest barrier that I’ve had to overcome to achieve career success was during the pandemic, when I completed half of my schooling. During that time, I had to switch to online classes. Since I’m a practical learner, that was a huge challenge for me!

Proudest Moment

I’ve never been so proud as I was when I heard my name announced as the winner of the gold medal at the SCNC Vancouver 2022. It solidified my belief that I had chosen the right education and career. Talk about getting a fantastic boost to my confidence!

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