Ryley LaFrance - 20

Industrial Control
Edmonton, Alberta


I had the opportunity to work alongside my father at a young age doing odd jobs such as painting, dry walling and construction. This allowed me to observe quite a few different trades. One trade that stood out to me was my father’s, who is an electrician. He would let me work beside him to watch the intricacies of his installations. It made me want to learn more therefore in grade eleven I made the decision to pursue a career as an electrician.

Interesting Fact

My dad is my biggest source of inspiration. He has exposed me to experiences that have led me to pursue a career in the trades and for that I am grateful.

Essential Skills

Document use and reading text are the most important Essential Skills for my upcoming competition. Without a proper understanding of the documents that are provided, one could end up programming a very different project than the one that was asked for. Therefore it is crucial to read all of the documents carefully to do well in this competition.

Competition History

Alberta Provincial Skills Canada Competition 2015

Alberta Provincial Skills Canada Competition 2016

Skills Canada National Competition 2015

Skills Canada National Competition 2016

Training History

WorldSkills Team Canada Trials: NAIT, January 15-17, 2017

WorldSkills Russia National Competition: Krasnodar, May 15-19

Photo Gallery

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