Simar Ubhi - 17

University of Manitoba
Web Technologies
Winnipeg, Manitoba


I chose a career in technology because it offers great career opportunities in a creative field. I specifically chose web technologies because I want to share information, and websites are one of the most prevalent ways of sharing information today. I love how there’s so many different technologies/languages within web technologies. There are so many diverse paths you can take and you’ll always be learning. I eventually want to run my own startup company. 

A teacher recommended that I enter skills competitions. The experience made me realise how much I truly know, and how much there is still to learn. I was very excited to be offered a chance to further test my skills at WorldSkills Lyon 2024 and represent Canada on a global scale. I know there is a big expectation to perform my best, and that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. I believe the biggest challenge will be learning all the skills, languages, concepts, and techniques needed in web technologies. I’m looking forward to meeting people from across the world who are interested in the same things I am. 

Interesting fact 
I enjoy literature and reading. 

Skills for Success 
All nine plus one of the Skills for Success play a role in my training, but the most prominent ones are communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation. Communication and collaboration are how I learn from my mentors. Creativity and innovation are how I learn to solve complicated problems, which I will be doing for the competition, as well. 

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