Zachary Van Boeyen - 19

Industrial Control
Surrey, British, Columbia


I chose a trade because I wanted a job where I can work with my hands to create things. This trade has a lot of depth as there is always something new to learn. I want to have a rewarding career where every day presents a new challenge or obstacle to solve. 

I was asked to train and compete for BCIT in skills competitions after finishing my electrical foundations course. The competitions themselves are a great experience. They are stressful but it’s very rewarding to be able to put my training to use. It was exciting to learn I’d be competing at WorldSkills Lyon 2024. I feel my biggest challenge will be to stay calm and not stress or overthink things. That’s the best advice I’ve ever received: Don’t overthink it. 

Interesting fact 
I enjoy soccer and mountain biking. 

Skills for Success 
The Skill for Success that has been instrumental for me has been problem solving because during my training and the competition I may run into issues which I must troubleshoot. Being able to fix a problem is very important for the competition. 

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