Zuhal Rajabi - 22

École des métiers spécialisés de Laval
Laval, Québec


I chose Aesthetics because I’ve always loved everything about beauty. I love to take care of people and to make them happy. What I love about this trade is that you can see immediate results, as well as people’s satisfaction. Aesthetics is essential and unique. I have projects and goals within my professional life. I want to start my own business, my own salon where people can feel better about themselves. I want my parents to be proud of me by becoming a businesswoman with ambition. I want to go further in my career and to help my family, as well as those who live in Afghanistan and other countries in war. 

I wanted to compete in the Skills Canada National Competition to give me an additional challenge. I’m very proud of myself and this pushes me further toward my goals and my future endeavours. I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence through the skills competitions. My family is very proud of me and is always very supportive about what I do. 

Interesting Fact 

My family calls me versatile because sometimes, I can be an electrician, a beautician or a dressmaker. 

Skills for Success 

I think that Communication is key to my success, therefore, it was a very important skills during my training and the competition. Collaboration is essential for teamwork, especially at the National Competition, because we had to help each other. Creativity and Innovation are very important in aesthetics, especially for the fantasy makeup activity, which requires creativity. Adaptability is a skill that I still need to work on. 

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