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Competitors Test Their Abilities Using Consulab Educational Trainers

Whether at the provincial level or at the national level, ConsuLab has been a huge supporter of Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC). We provide assistance through our educational trainers, offering them in competitions and even volunteering our staff’s time in support of SCC.

Our trainers are well-suited for these competitions due to the simple set up and portability. ConsuLab trainers are made by skilled craftspeople who take pride in their work, which is another reason we, as a company, support the trades so much!

Two of the trainers that were used throughout this year’s competitions were the CL-1918 and the CL-1919.

The CL-1918 Lighting System trainer allows students to build complete automotive lighting systems. There are 10 inserted faults that correlate to real-world symptoms, and this year’s Skills Canada National Competition competitors were put to the test with these faults. It was exciting to watch them use their training and education as they tried to diagnose problems.

The CL-1919 is the most complete Ohm’s Law and DC Circuits trainer available. It helps teach the operational theory of electrical circuits, which is an underdeveloped skill. This self-contained trainer is portable and meets many of the electrical tasks for Red Seal curriculums. The complete manual that comes with it makes teaching this theory easy, including offering circuit construction and schematics.

ConsuLab is a proud partner of SCC and looks forward to many more years of partnership.

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