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Follow These Tips to Find a New Job for the New Year!

If you are planning a job search this fall, check out these tips from Matt Purdey, Career Advisor at Red River College Polytechnic, to help you land work. Matt is a Certified Career Development Practitioner, Certified Career Strategist and Certified Work-Life Strategist. He has nine years of experience supporting students, newcomers, and young professionals throughout the career development process.

Connections are Critical

While every job seeker has undoubtably been told ‘you have to network’, this has never been more important.  Having spent more than two years navigating lockdowns, physical and social distancing, and remote interactions, you may not be as close with connections as you once were. To rebuild and re-engage your network, you can:

  • Conduct information interviews
  • Volunteer
  • Attend events, conferences, trainings, or meetups
  • Join a club, team, or professional association
  • Leverage LinkedIn.

Revitalize your Resume

Do yourself a favor and update your resume now so it is ready to submit as soon as postings become available.   

  • Remove unnecessary sections and outdated information, such as personal information, pictures, objective statements, outdated and irrelevant experience, and ‘references available upon request’.   
  • Emphasize your career highlights, relevant experience and accomplishments, professional and/or academic projects, and related training.  If you can include industry terms, tools, and technologies, as well as quantify your work with measurable results (#, $, %) you will be sure to grab employer’s attention.
  • If you have been impacted by Covid related layoffs or restructuring, consider adding a ‘career break’ on your resume.  Providing a brief explanation of what you did during this time, e.g., career exploration, travel or studying can help address any potential concerns.

Capitalize on your Cover Letter

There are some employers who prefer to skip cover letters, opting to dive into an applicant’s resume and work experience, however, many employers still expect and appreciate a professionally written cover letter. 

  • Showcase the professional value you have to offer, along with a dose of personality.   
  • Explain why you want a particular job, and how you can help the organization achieve its aims allows you to speak more directly to the employer.
  • Focus on their needs instead of your own demonstrates awareness of how your skills fit into their goals.
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