Grégoire Michetti

Skill: Aircraft Maintenance
School: École nationale d’aérotechnique
Employer: Rolls-Royce Canada
Hometown: Montréal, QC
Age: 21


I chose to pursue a career in aerospace technology because of my passion for airplanes.  My career goal is to one day become director of maintenance at an influential Canadian aerospace company.

I became involved with the skills competitions in 2017 when I participated in my first competition. I heard about the competition through one of my teachers and thought that it sounded like a great challenge and a great way to improve my skills.

Interesting Fact

My biggest inspiration is my coach, Louis Deschenes. In addition to being one of the best teachers I’ve had, he always has at least half a dozen projects he’s working on after hours. Also, he gives all he can to his students who put in the effort to succeed.

Essential Skills

Thinking has been an instrumental Essential Skill for my training and during the competition. The hardest part of being an aerospace technician, whether it is at school, work or at the competition, is figuring out how to do the job. The systems and components we work on are quite complex and sensitive and there is no room for mistakes. This means we must be really confident and knowledgeable in the work we do.



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