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How Staying Open to Learning Propelled Erica Povhe’s Career to New Heights in Manufacturing 

How I got interested
My career path came from a strong influence from my immigrant parents who came to Canada to contribute to society. I took an electronics class in high school which I really enjoyed. With the rapid development of technology, it felt like a career with a secure future and endless opportunities. 

Where it brought me
I graduated from University with an electrical engineering degree and went on to work in the oil field for several years abroad, including offshore in Scotland and Angola, and as an instructor in the United Arab Emirates. After this fast-paced life I came home to Saskatchewan and got a certification in Occupational Health and Safety at Sask Polytechnic. Afterwards I went to work for a mining company in Northern Mining Saskatchewan. After three years of remote work life, I did another career pivot and ended up in the electrical industry as a Technical Sales Advisor. In my current role I travel all around Saskatchewan and Manitoba, see various worksites, and consult on their technology, adaptation, and invention of projects. I use my collaboration and problem-solving skills to get things done.

What my day to day looks like
My current role as a Technical Sales Adviser for an International Electrical and Automation Manufacturer involves working with professionals in the industrial and manufacturing sector, helping them accomplish projects on time, and on budget. I work with various subject matter experts, and every day I am learning about new products and software. I have learned that a career is built from staying open to learning, being adaptable, and resourceful. 

How I stay involved
I currently sit on two advisory boards for programming content at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. I am very impressed at how they strive to adapt the curriculum to meet business needs and give their students all the skills they need to succeed in the business world. The electrical technology field covers so many areas, from utilities to water, and will continue to be viable as a career with the future wave in robotics. This is a growing industry where skilled labour is in high demand.

My advice
I have always had a very positive experience being a female in this industry and I really value the opportunities and friends that I have gained from this non-traditional career path.

My advice to others is: keep learning, challenge changes, and adapt in order to be successful. 

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