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Interview with Kevin Boodoo, Field Service Technician for Mitutoyo Canada

What made you decide to pursue a career in the skilled trades?

I have always been very mechanically inclined. Since I was a kid I love to take things apart to find out how they work and attempt to put them back together. Choosing a skilled trades career in the electro mechanical engineering field has definitely helped satisfy my desire to understand simple circuits to advanced PLC and robotic programs.


What field do you work in and what do you enjoy the most about your job?

Working as a metrology service technician I have an amazing opportunity to visit various manufacturing facilities. I am frequently installing new Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machines or performing calibrations on equipment. This gives me the chance to see how many commonly used parts are manufactured from the ground up. These parts range from automotive to military applications.


What skills are required to be successful in this field?

To be successful in this field you need to understand various aspects of measurement. At Mitutoyo we take great pride in having the correct measurement device to meet specific customer applications. Having a background in metrology is a very important skill.


Do you have any mentors or people that have encouraged and inspired you throughout your career? 

Throughout my career I have had many great role models to help guide and inspire me. My father has always led by example and demonstrated a great positive work ethic. Friends who went to college before me proved that you can have a challenging and rewarding career doing a skilled trade.


What advice would you give to youth who are looking to pursue a career in the skilled trades?

There are so many opportunities for people who have completed training in a skilled trade. Participating in events like Skills Canada competitions has really opened my eyes to the vast number of fulfilling job opportunities available.

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