Justin Buchanan

Skill: 3D Game Art
School: Holland College
Employer: Tim Hortons
Hometown: O’leary, PEI
Age: 20


I chose to pursue 3D game art because I always loved creating 3D models and I wanted my career to reflect that. My career goals are to one day run my own game studio and create games.

I became involved with skills competitions in high school when one of my teachers suggested partaking in a competition. Once I participated, I realized how much I enjoy competing.

Interesting Fact

The artists that inspire me the most are: concept artist Fred Augis, comic book artist Jim Lee, and game artist Tobias Koepp. Someday I’d like my art to be as good as theirs and seeing the work that they do makes me strive to be better at my craft.

Essential Skills

The most important Essential Skill for my Skill Area is digital. Working with computers and knowing what the software you’re using can do is super important. Someone who knows the software inside and out will create a product much faster than someone who doesn’t. Also, software keeps changing, which means that learning about these new products is very important in order to stay ahead of the curve.



Competitor Partners