Karim Ait-Allaoua

Skill: Mobile Robotics
School: University of Regina
Employer: N/A
Hometown: Regina, SK
Age: 18


I chose engineering for my career because I’ve always loved to design and build things. My interest began when I joined my high school’s robotics class. We designed robots for the course set by Skills/Compétences Canada and lo and behold, we won the gold medal in mobile robotics at the 2018 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC), in Edmonton. I would like to find employment that provides an interesting and dynamic experience and that caters to my skills.

I got involved in skills competitions through my school’s robotics program where we won gold at the Skills Saskatchewan Provincial Competition and at SCNC.

Interesting Fact

My biggest inspiration is the countless creators on YouTube. It's the first place I look for ideas and help when designing a robot. Seeing something that someone has made and thinking about how I could improve it is very inspiring.

Essential Skills

In mobile robotics, I feel that all of the nine Essential Skills have been instrumental as it is such a dynamic field. However thinking – problem solving helps me to continuously innovate and improve my robot design.



Competitor Partners