Keven Tremblay

Trade: CNC Milling
School: CFP L’Envolé
Employer: EDM Québec
Hometown: St-Aubert, QC
Age: 20


I chose a career in skilled trades because I like to work with my hands. I watched my father at work in our family business and that made me want to learn more about his trade. I would like to have my own business someday.

I heard about the skills competitions from the teachers at my school. They suggested I should try the competition. I accepted right away because I like to challenge myself.

Interesting Fact

My father is my greatest inspiration because he has taught me so much about CNC machining and how to make best use of my time.

Essential Skills

Digital skills are a very important part of my training as well as in competitions because they help me to work quickly when using design and programming software. Oral communication is another Essential Skill that I want to develop because it helps me communicate effectively with other team members, including my coach and expert.



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