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Kristy Pratt from Southwire Shares her Passion for the Trades

My career journey 
In 2013 I successfully completed an entrance exam at the Alberta apprenticeship board and obtained my apprenticeship blue book. This led me to embark on a multi-year apprenticeship journey. This included completing a set number of thejob training hours in unison with an eightweek theory program for each block of my apprenticeship at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. After obtaining my Powerline Technician (PLT) Journeyman and Red Seal Certification in 2017, I went on to join Southwire as a PLT in 2018. Through hard work and determination, I was promoted to a dedicated Foreman in 2020. In the last quarter of 2022, I proudly accepted the role of Area Manager of Eastern Canada. 
Why I love my job 
What I find most fulfilling about my job is the hands-on nature of the powerline trade, the opportunity to travel and explore new environments, as well as the rich diversity and strong sense of camaraderie within the profession. My inspiration to pursue this career stems from a desire to break barriers and set a positive example for my siblings, demonstrating that our background does not limit our potential for success. Additionally, I am driven by the goal of providing a fulfilling life for my daughter, motivating me to pursue a career where I can make a meaningful impact and provide for my family.  
The importance of the Skills for Success 
I feel that problem solving, adaptability and communication are fundamental skills. The powerline industry’s dynamic nature demands constant problem-solving skills, which I rely on to overcome unforeseen obstacles and deliver exceptional customer service. Adaptability is honed through travel and exposure to diverse project requirements, necessitating the continual learning of evolving methodologies to ensure safety and optimize service delivery efficiency. Navigating diverse team backgrounds requires mastering multiple communication strategies to ensure our collective safety, ensuring we return home to our loved ones every day. In selecting a career where you often spend a lot of time with your team, prioritizing open and transparent communication is indispensable.

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