Mateusz Cwalinski

Skill: Mechatronics
School: Humber College
Employer: Humber College Applied Research
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Age: 22


I chose mechatronics because it combines hands on and theoretical applications. There are a lot of career opportunities for this trade across the world as it embodies leading edge technologies.My career goal is to be a high end robotics programmer and to work in an integration company to improve their systems.

I got involved with skills competitions in my first year of college. I had the option to get ahead of the class with the benefit of participating in a competition. From that point on it was hard work and focus that brought me to where I am today.

Interesting Fact

My biggest inspirations are past WorldSkills competitors Theo Willert and Avery Bird. I’ve been able to train alongside them since I began competing. It’s inspirational to see how well they did at the WorldSkills Competition and where they’re now at in their careers.

Essential Skills

Continuous learning and digital skills are crucial. Technology advances every day and there are several different technologies available. The more knowledge and experience a team has, the smoother their training will go. Thinking is also important, as throughout the training and the competition you need the ability to solve problems quickly and think ahead.



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