Pascal Doiron

Skill: Automobile Technology
School: N/A
Employer: JP’s Garage
Hometown: Dieppe, NB
Age: 20


I chose a skilled trade, specifically automotive services, because it’s an interesting field with many challenges. My career objective is to become a technician and to obtain my Red Seal certification.

I became involved in skills competitions while in college. My teacher told me about the competition and asked if I would like to take part. After thinking it over, I decided it would be interesting to participate.

Interesting Fact

I have a special interest in the technology of old cars, although I don’t often see them. I like to learn about how they work, and what kind of maintenance and adjustments are required to make older systems work today.

Essential Skills

Document use is an Essential - even critical - Skill when working with automobiles. Each manufacturer, and every model, is different, so you have to be able to properly read and understand documents to succeed.

Another Essential Skill that I need to improve is continuing education. In my trade, technology advances so quickly that technicians must learn how to repair new systems as quickly as they are developed.


Competitor Partners