Sébastien Brissette

Skill: Landscape Gardening
School: Centre de formation horticole
Employer: N/A
Hometown: Mascouche, QC
Age: 21


I chose this field because the work is interesting and done outside. I would like to continue exploring different career options to find my passion, and I would like to work for myself.

I got involved in skill competitions through my school. I really enjoy participating in competitions, and finishing first is my goal. I hope to have the opportunity to take part in WorldSkills Kazan 2019, alongside competitors from all over the world.

Interesting Fact

I like to be physically active and I practice many sports, such as hockey, soccer, skiing, and skating.

Essential Skills

Working with othersis very important in my field, both during training and competitions. When our team works well together, we are able to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. Numeracy is another important skill, because we have to measure several elements and make sure that the measurements are accurate to ensure the quality of our landscape project.



Competitor Partners