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#CreatingPossibilities for Youth through Apprenticeships 

#CreatingPossibilities for Youth
through Apprenticeships


The Facts 

According to a recent study done by the RBC Foundation, over 700,000 skilled workers in Canada will be retiring by 2028. This will create a shortage of skilled workers which we will not be able to fill. Building a strong skilled workforce is more important than ever. Professionals in the skilled trades have been essential in keeping our world moving during the pandemic and as our country’s economy recovers post COVID-19.  

 Gaining the Skills for Success 

Today’s youth have a lot of choices when it comes to their careers. Skilled trade careers continue to offer great opportunities and are a lucrative and fulfilling option.  This is an important message that many youth are hearing far too late.  As we look to address Canada’s skills challenges we need to be looking at how we meet the immediate challenges but also have a longer-term strategy.  

 In the longer-term we need to begin orienting 10–12-year-old students through school curriculum about skilled trade occupations and the key role they play in our everyday lives.  Then couple that introduction with presentations from industry professionals, industry tours and then hands on experiential challenges.  

 In the short to medium term a fantastic way to get involved in the skilled trades is by pursuing the path to Apprenticeship where you get paid while you learn. Apprenticeship is a post-secondary pathway consisting of on-the-job training provided by an employer and technical training delivered at a college, technical institute or union training centre. 

 The Benefits Of Completing An Apprenticeship 

  • Gaining hands-on job experience;  
  • Building your network and obtaining mentorship from qualified professionals; 
  • Getting financial support including getting paid while you complete your apprenticeship, 
    and getting access to grants and scholarships; 
  • Having the opportunity to relocate and travel; 
  • Reporting to an apprentice friendly employer who wants to help you succeed by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Many Options, To Suit Each Individual 

Skilled trades include careers in several sectors that typically fall into four categories,  transportation, construction, service, and manufacturing. There are 56 Red Seal Trades in Canada and the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) are responsible for the Red Seal program.   Red Seal tradespeople have achieved the Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) which is a standard of excellence in their trade that is recognized by employers across Canada and around the world.  

Do You Want A Job You Love? 

Take the time to look at the many possibilities in the various sectors and discover your passion. Visit our YouTube channel to see our “I love my job” series, apprenticeship video and testimonials from partners. Also check out skillscompetencescanada.com and explore the variety of skilled trade careers and try our  interactive map to find the right skilled trade and technology career path for you. This map also provides information on salaries and training institutions across the country. Your future awaits! 

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