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#CreatingPossibilities for Youth through Internships 

Jean Simon Hallin Lamarche, Sorting Center Manager at OPEQ (Computers for Schools – Quebec), in Montréal, shares his journey.  

Tell us about your career journey. 

I started working at OPEQ in 2018. After completing my studies in computer networking, I was eager to gain practical experience in my field. For the first six months, I worked diligently in Pointe-Claire until an opportunity arose for a supervisor assistant role at a sorting center in Montreal. I eagerly embraced the position. This allowed me to forge relationships with local schools and offer internships to students, which enabled them to learn skills, setting them on a path for a successful future. Currently, I oversee about ten of these internships each year. 

Why do you love your job? 

At the core of our mission are these extraordinary young individuals, who form our workforce. They are my inspiration. I am also proud to emphasize that individuals on the autism spectrum play a vital role in our operations. Their contributions are invaluable, and they excel in specific tasks such as hard drive sanitization and memory sorting. These individuals possess a remarkable ability to organize their work efficiently, enhancing our overall productivity.  

Also, as the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, it unfurled a new chapter fraught with challenges. As an essential business, we found ourselves in a unique position to provide critical assistance during a time of need. As schools transitioned to remote learning, the demand for computers surged exponentially. We adapted swiftly, converting a part of our sorting center to support other workshops in meeting this demand. Families unable to afford new computers for their children turned to us for assistance. It was a point of pride for us to be a reliable resource in their time of need. 

Who inspired you to pursue a career in technology? 

I have always been greatly motivated by bringing people together. I learned that I could make a significant difference in people’s lives after seeing the benefits of cooperation in our communities. This insight has inspired me to pursue a profession in which I can actively contribute to fostering a more socially and compassionately connected world.

To learn more about the CFS+ Internship program, where you can gain invaluable hands-on experience and make meaningful contributions, visit: https://cfsc-opec.org/en/become-a-cfs-intern/. 

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