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Get Your Game on with the SFS Challenge Series!

Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) has launched its’ Skills for Success (SFS) Challenge Series on the Kahoot! platform. These quiz games are designed to help students discover the nine plus one Skills for Success (SFS) including Reading, Numeracy, Adaptability, Collaboration, Writing, Creativity & Innovation, Communication, Problem Solving and Digital. It also provides them with an opportunity to use their thinking skills in different contexts and apply what they’ve learned.

This game will have students on their toes as they learn about the Skills for Success, how to use them, and their importance for careers in the skilled trades and technologies. The first two games that are being launched will focus on the nine plus one Skills for Success, and Reading, this year’s SFS theme. Additional quiz games will be available for each of the Skills for Success. The next SFS Challenge Series will be launched during National Skilled Trade and Technology Week, from November 5 to 11, 2023.

The quizzes in the SFS Challenge Series range from selecting an answer from multiple choice questions, to filling in the blank, to identifying skills through pictures, to watching videos and reading text. All games will teach students about the Skills for Success while helping them develop these valuable skills.

Games available:
Skills/Compétences Canada — Intro and Fun Facts
Creativity & Innovation

To learn more about the Skills for Success, visit: yourskillsforsuccess.com

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