What is the Skills Canada Collision Repair Program?

The Skills Canada Collision Repair Program promotes careers in the Collision Repair Industry to students, parents and teachers by increasing visibility and awareness of career opportunities at Skills Canada competitions and career events across Canada.

Every day thousands of vehicles are involved in accidents on Canada’s busy roads, and consumers rely on Collision Repair Facilities to provide the essential high-tech service that is needed to repair their damaged vehicles. Today, new vehicles continue to become more advanced, with a wide range of safety features, sensors, blue tooth connectivity, highly advanced materials, and infotainment systems. This means that the complexity of collision repairs continues to increase, along with the technical skills required to properly repair a vehicle. Today’s technicians receive a high level of ongoing training, and work with the latest in tools and equipment to stay up to date. The good news is that these skills are in high demand. With the ongoing shortage of young people entering the collision repair industry, the career and financial opportunities for those who choose a career in collision repair are abundant.

The Skills Canada Collision Repair Program was created to address this skills shortage by raising awareness of career opportunities at Skills Canada Competitions across the country, by showcasing the exciting opportunities that are available for young people. The program also provides students who compete in the competitions from across Canada with hands-on training opportunities and the chance to enhance their skills and knowledge during their experience as a competitor.

The Skills Canada Collision Repair Program is completely funded by donations from industry leaders who believe in investing in the future of Collision Repair.

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