Results for SCNC 2012

Medal Skill Team Competitor
GOLD 03PS – Precision Machining AB Shayne Rouxel
SILVER 03PS – Precision Machining QC Justin Ferland
BRONZE 03PS – Precision Machining NB Clarke Johnstone
GOLD 04PS – Mechatronics ON David Da Costa
GOLD 04PS – Mechatronics ON Zachary Piskun
SILVER 04PS – Mechatronics PE Shayne DeHaan
SILVER 04PS – Mechatronics PE Travis Gaudet
BRONZE 04PS – Mechatronics QC Simon Parent
BRONZE 04PS – Mechatronics QC Jean-Luc Côté
GOLD 05PS – Mechanical CADD YT Denis  Godin
SILVER 05PS – Mechanical CADD NL Richard White
BRONZE 05PS – Mechanical CADD ON Richard Jennings
GOLD 05S – Mechanical CADD AB Carson Gustafson
SILVER 05S – Mechanical CADD MB Kyle Logan
BRONZE 05S – Mechanical CADD QC Milissa Lachance-Maillé
GOLD 06PS – CNC Machining QC Dominic Nadeau
SILVER 06PS – CNC Machining NB Luc Boudreau
BRONZE 06PS – CNC Machining AB Keenan  Peterson
GOLD 09PS – IT-Software Solutions for Business NS Heather Anderson
SILVER 09PS – IT-Software Solutions for Business NB Amanda Cook
BRONZE 09PS – IT-Software Solutions for Business MB Ingrid Wieler
GOLD 09S – IT-Software Solutions for Business AB Matthew Ewen
SILVER 09S – IT-Software Solutions for Business MB Debby Petkau
BRONZE 09S – IT-Software Solutions for Business ON Cameron Gay
GOLD 10PS – Welding BC Ryan Marsh
SILVER 10PS – Welding AB Nic Kitt
BRONZE 10PS – Welding QC Rémi  Plante-Robidas
GOLD 10S – Welding NT Antonio Lewis
SILVER 10S – Welding QC Jonathan Daigle
BRONZE 10S – Welding BC Tyler Hireen
GOLD 11PS – Offset Printing AB Marissa Halter
SILVER 11PS – Offset Printing NS Dylan Langille
BRONZE 11PS – Offset Printing NL Kathleen  Dawe
GOLD 13PS – Autobody Repair AB Jordy Bartman
SILVER 13PS – Autobody Repair ON Steven Le-Magueresse
BRONZE 13PS – Autobody Repair NS Erick Reade
GOLD 13S – Autobody Repair MB John Wiebe
SILVER 13S – Autobody Repair QC Sébastien Beaulieu
BRONZE 13S – Autobody Repair SK Jackson Campbell
GOLD 14PS – Sheet Metal Work ON Christopher Wilson
SILVER 14PS – Sheet Metal Work YT Jake Montgomery
BRONZE 14PS – Sheet Metal Work NB Richard Haché
GOLD 15PS – Plumbing ON Ryan  Voscek
SILVER 15PS – Plumbing QC Jean-Sébastien Simard
BRONZE 15PS – Plumbing AB Jonathan Harding
GOLD 16PS – Electronics MB Kevin  Russell
SILVER 16PS – Electronics ON Johnathan Black
BRONZE 16PS – Electronics BC Zander Erasmus
GOLD 16S – Electronics ON Stephen Molyneaux
SILVER 16S – Electronics BC Hudson Schier
BRONZE 16S – Electronics MB Colby  Bromley
GOLD 17PS – Web Site Development QC Jessica  Lapointe
SILVER 17PS – Web Site Development ON Benjamin Hohner-da Silva
BRONZE 17PS – Web Site Development NB Colin McQueen
GOLD 17S – Web Site Development ON Zachary  Seguin
SILVER 17S – Web Site Development NS Tyler Blair
BRONZE 17S – Web Site Development BC Anthony Smith
GOLD 18PS – Electrical Installations QC David  Gagnon
SILVER 18PS – Electrical Installations BC Gordon Kearns
BRONZE 18PS – Electrical Installations YT Mike Trainor
GOLD 18S – Electrical Installations QC Michaël  Breton
SILVER 18S – Electrical Installations MB Steffan  Adamchuk
BRONZE 18S – Electrical Installations NS Nathan  Sampson
GOLD 19PS – Automation and Control AB Zack Hartle
SILVER 19PS – Automation and Control PE Derrick MacDonald
BRONZE 19PS – Automation and Control BC Jesse Carlson
GOLD 20PS – Brick Masonry MB Jacob Bell
SILVER 20PS – Brick Masonry NB Justin Vatcher
BRONZE 20PS – Brick Masonry SK Joshua  Pelletier
GOLD 24PS – Cabinetmaking MB Leonhard  Derksen
SILVER 24PS – Cabinetmaking AB Bart VanHaaren
BRONZE 24PS – Cabinetmaking NS Nick Poole
GOLD 24S – Cabinetmaking AB Keane Morrow
SILVER 24S – Cabinetmaking QC Michaël  Labrèche St-Jean
BRONZE 24S – Cabinetmaking MB Steven  Doerksen
GOLD 26PS – Carpentry BC Morgan Brown
SILVER 26PS – Carpentry ON Cody Malloch
BRONZE 26PS – Carpentry NS Adam Tanner
GOLD 26S – Carpentry AB Cole Chapman
SILVER 26S – Carpentry BC Benjamin Perrault
BRONZE 26S – Carpentry SK Justin Lefebre
GOLD 29PS – Hairstyling QC Dominique Mercier
SILVER 29PS – Hairstyling NB Tiffany Wood
BRONZE 29PS – Hairstyling AB Nick Gaze
GOLD 29S – Hairstyling SK Tiana Whitman
SILVER 29S – Hairstyling QC Annabelle Boyer
BRONZE 29S – Hairstyling ON Niki Harris
GOLD 30PS – Aesthetics ON Chloe McCauley
SILVER 30PS – Aesthetics QC Joanie  Arsenault
BRONZE 30PS – Aesthetics NL Michelle Bunch
GOLD 31S – Fashion Technology BC Donna Lu
SILVER 31S – Fashion Technology QC Stéphanie  Roy
BRONZE 31S – Fashion Technology AB Nancy  Mac
GOLD 32PS – Baking QC Mélodie Perez-Mousseau
SILVER 32PS – Baking NS Melinda Patrice Burke
BRONZE 32PS – Baking BC Sharla Potrie
GOLD 32S – Baking QC Maude Moreau
SILVER 32S – Baking NS Peyton Carmichael
BRONZE 32S – Baking BC Luis Aguilar
GOLD 33PS – Automotive Service AB Tyler Kenyon
SILVER 33PS – Automotive Service NT John Spoelder
BRONZE 33PS – Automotive Service NS James Bowes
GOLD 33S – Automotive Service QC Alexandre Angers
SILVER 33S – Automotive Service MB Jared Buckley
BRONZE 33S – Automotive Service AB Douglas MacIntosh
GOLD 34PS – Cooking QC Maxime  Fortin
SILVER 34PS – Cooking AB Peter Keith
BRONZE 34PS – Cooking NS Jacob Oikle
GOLD 34S – Cooking QC Marysoleil Miron-Bonsant
SILVER 34S – Cooking NT Sébastien Rémillard
BRONZE 34S – Cooking PE Jake  MacDonald
GOLD 35PS – Restaurant Service QC Maxime  Renaud
SILVER 35PS – Restaurant Service ON Jeremy Torres
GOLD 36PS – Car Painting AB Tyler Hore
SILVER 36PS – Car Painting NS Ryan Smith
BRONZE 36PS – Car Painting NL Justin Codner
GOLD 36S – Car Painting ON Jordan Bain
SILVER 36S – Car Painting QC Sébastien  Bertrand
BRONZE 36S – Car Painting MB Sean  Simpson
GOLD 37PS – Landscape Gardening AB Justin Schipper
GOLD 37PS – Landscape Gardening AB Jack Vanden Broek
SILVER 37PS – Landscape Gardening QC Gabriel Bérubé
SILVER 37PS – Landscape Gardening QC Mathieu  Bérubé
BRONZE 37PS – Landscape Gardening MB Colin Dewitt
BRONZE 37PS – Landscape Gardening MB Mackenzie Harman
GOLD 38PS – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning AB Michael Scheideman
SILVER 38PS – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning QC Maxime Lafleur
BRONZE 38PS – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MB Michael Walmsley
1 39PS – IT-Network Systems Administration NL Brian Forward
2 39PS – IT-Network Systems Administration PE Jeff  Hunter
3 39PS – IT-Network Systems Administration QC Jean-Philippe Desbiens
1 39S – IT-Network Systems Administration MB Param Preet  Lobana
2 39S – IT-Network Systems Administration AB Trevor Leslie
3 39S – IT-Network Systems Administration ON John  Olano
GOLD 40PS – Graphic Design / Infographie QC Sarah  Rochefort Higgins
SILVER 40PS – Graphic Design / Infographie ON Danielle  Giroux
BRONZE 40PS – Graphic Design / Infographie AB Joseph Keen
GOLD 40S – Graphic Design / Infographie QC Isabelle Bélanger
SILVER 40S – Graphic Design / Infographie NL Emma Power
BRONZE 40S – Graphic Design / Infographie ON Michael Cacho
GOLD 51PS – Industrial Mechanic / Millwright ON Joseph Cinq-Mars
SILVER 51PS – Industrial Mechanic / Millwright MB Matthew  Enns
BRONZE 51PS – Industrial Mechanic / Millwright AB Bronson Backshall
GOLD 52PS – Architectural Technology & Design SK Josh  Richard
SILVER 52PS – Architectural Technology & Design NL Michael Gravelle
BRONZE 52PS – Architectural Technology & Design ON Becky DeKleyn
GOLD 52S – Architectural Technology & Design ON Michael Nugent
SILVER 52S – Architectural Technology & Design AB Evan Latos
BRONZE 52S – Architectural Technology & Design MB Kevin Partyka
GOLD 53S – Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment MB Gerrad  Wenzel
SILVER 53S – Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment AB Stephen Mahrer
BRONZE 53S – Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment SK Jonathan  Campbell
GOLD 82S – TV / Video Production ON Stephanie Stanov
GOLD 82S – TV / Video Production ON Blake  Hannahson
SILVER 82S – TV / Video Production BC Layne Richardson
SILVER 82S – TV / Video Production BC Alex Greba
BRONZE 82S – TV / Video Production AB Martin Calvo
BRONZE 82S – TV / Video Production AB Jean-Luc Oicle
GOLD 83S – Job Interview PE Julia  Ross
SILVER 83S – Job Interview ON Alexia Kuan
BRONZE 83S – Job Interview NL Erica  Badcock
GOLD 84S – Job Skill Demonstration ON Jerick Aranza
SILVER 84S – Job Skill Demonstration AB Carmen Thio
GOLD 85S – Prepared Speech MB Taylor  Daigneault
SILVER 85S – Prepared Speech SK Molly Cross
BRONZE 85S – Prepared Speech NS Emily Coles
GOLD 87S – 3D Character Computer Animation BC Josiah Stefani
GOLD 87S – 3D Character Computer Animation BC Jamie Ruddick
SILVER 87S – 3D Character Computer Animation AB Sam Bao
SILVER 87S – 3D Character Computer Animation AB Ian Lee
BRONZE 87S – 3D Character Computer Animation ON Agastya Kalra
BRONZE 87S – 3D Character Computer Animation ON Belden  Pham
GOLD 88S – 2D Character Computer Animation AB Michael Gaudio
GOLD 88S – 2D Character Computer Animation AB Rebecca Moir
SILVER 88S – 2D Character Computer Animation MB Stephanie  Hunt
SILVER 88S – 2D Character Computer Animation MB Alexandra  Smith
BRONZE 88S – 2D Character Computer Animation ON Alex  Pither
BRONZE 88S – 2D Character Computer Animation ON Emma Campbell
GOLD 91PS – Aircraft Maintenance MB Dylan Pereira
SILVER 91PS – Aircraft Maintenance QC Félix Fortin
BRONZE 91PS – Aircraft Maintenance BC Alexander  Travis
4 91PS – Aircraft Maintenance ON Craig Slikker
5 91PS – Aircraft Maintenance NS Jasper Jackson
GOLD 92S – Workplace Safety PE Jeremy Koughan
SILVER 92S – Workplace Safety SK Tye Buettner
BRONZE 92S – Workplace Safety AB Jordyn Terrault
GOLD 93S – Robotics SK Bo Chiasson
GOLD 93S – Robotics SK Jayden Leister
GOLD 93S – Robotics SK Taylor  Pachal
GOLD 93S – Robotics SK Rachel Machnee
SILVER 93S – Robotics ON Anthony James Cagalawan
SILVER 93S – Robotics ON Bernard Zuech
SILVER 93S – Robotics ON Keith Martin Nicolas
SILVER 93S – Robotics ON Linda Shen
BRONZE 93S – Robotics AB Cameron Wray
BRONZE 93S – Robotics AB Callum Campbell
BRONZE 93S – Robotics AB Jeffrey Samuelson
BRONZE 93S – Robotics AB Sheldon Marquis
GOLD 94PS – Heavy Equipment Service YT Nathan Peterson
SILVER 94PS – Heavy Equipment Service ON Lawrence Cameron
BRONZE 94PS – Heavy Equipment Service AB Brad MacIntosh