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Worldskills Competition 2022 Special Edition: Testimonial from Korae Nottveit

Korae Nottveit is the gold medalist in Cooking at the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

What was your favourite part of your WorldSkills Competition experience?  

My favourite part was being able to compete against the best of the best. Knowing the other competitors were just as engaged and serious as me and then hearing about their lives outside of the competition was really encouraging.  I’m happy to have met other cooks that take their career seriously.  

What impact did competing or participating at the international level have on you? 

It’s definitely raised my standards, mostly for how I operate on a day to day basis at work. I hold myself accountable to competition standards because they help with being organized, both mentally and physically.  

Who would you like to thank? 

Chef Michael Dekker, my current coach; 

Chef Victoria German, my pastry coach; 

Chef Robert Sulatycky, my Chef in California who hired and trained me; 

And my Mom (Mona) and Dad (Phil) who’ve supported every decision I’ve made along my competition journey. 

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