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Check out These Expert Tips on How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Decades ago the idea of winter ready was a simple tune-up, a tire rotation and an oil change with winter oil, and maybe some bottles of the gas line antifreeze. We all made it to our destinations but nowadays is it enough? What can we do to be better prepared for the winter season? 

  • Purchase a Snowbrush (it could be either a brush or a snow rake) and ensure you have an additional one that you can use as a back-up ice scraper.  
  • Get a windshield ice and snow cover. Learn how to place the wipers into the service position to easily de-ice and clean.  
  • Buy DOT conforming tires that bear the mountain snowflake pictogram and have the tire pressures adjusted to the manufacture specifications (added bonus if tires are filled with 100% nitrogen).  
  • Obtain a four-wheel alignment to make sure your contact patch is at its most efficient and that your tires will endure.  
  • Get a battery and charging system test. 
  • Obtain these additional items: booster cables, thermal blanket, block heater and a tow strap. 

Follow these tips to achieve a great standard of winter preparedness and truly make it the most wonderful time of the year. 

Submitted by: Shannon LeBel, Learning Technology Specialist, Volkswagen Group Canada

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