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Meyer’s Chef Michael Smith Dishes up a Festive Breakfast Recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day according to chef Michael Smith, TV personality and author of 11 cookbooks, known for his easy-going style.

One positive thing that came out of the pandemic was a greater appreciation of simple joys like preparing and sharing food together. The holidays provide the perfect excuse to take it up a notch and make meals that much more special. And it should all start with breakfast.

In bringing the family together to cook a special breakfast, you are giving them the most important and meaningful gift of all, the gift of time. It can be something that anchors and comforts in continuing uncertain times. And what better time than the holidays to add at least one new recipe to your repertoire. Here, Chef Michael Smith shares a simple yet spectacular breakfast dish, from his kitchen to yours. 

This is a recipe Smith likes to whip up for the family as often as possible. It starts out as the French toast everyone is used to, but then adds a special twist. “All you have to do is dip the works in rolled oats before you toast them in the pan. Whole-grain goodness in every bite, then, top it off with warmed syrupy fruit, which makes a wonderful contrast to the crunchy crust. Any kind of fruit compote will work, but the combination of peaches and honey wins rave reviews at his house. For best results, use your heaviest non-stick skillet, the bigger the better”, he says.

Click HERE for his recipe for Oatmeal Crusted French Toast with Honey-Glazed Peaches.

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