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Check out these Summer Driving Tips from CARSTAR!

The summer season is nearly upon us. Check out these tips to ensure you arrive safely and securely to wherever your summer plans are taking you. 

  1. Check your vehicle’s health! If you are planning a long drive, ensure your vehicle’s tire pressure, wiper blades, battery life, lights, and oil levels are functioning at the optimal and safest levels.
  2. Watch the forecast. Ensure your mirrors are set properly so you can avoid the sun’s glare. If there’s rain in the forecast, be sure to utilize your headlights and keep a safe distance from other vehicles in case of unexpected stops.
  3. Stay focused. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents on the road. Whether it’s looking at your phone, adjusting the radio, or eating while driving, any distraction can be dangerous.
  4. Ensure you get plenty of rest. Avoid driving if you are drowsy as the summer heat can often make this drowsiness worse. You can assign a co-pilot who can help you navigate or take over the wheel if you become too drowsy.
  5. Keep your passengers safe. Ensure that all your passengers are wearing their seatbelts, including pets. Pack snacks, games, or electronic devices for your passengers so they can be occupied while your attention is on the road.
  6.  Accessorize safely! If you are anticipating a particularly sunny drive, pack a hat or sunglasses to avoid damage or distraction from the sun. 

 Remember, when you’re behind the wheel, your focus should be solely on driving. Stay safe out there! 

For more information about CARSTAR, visit CARSTAR.ca. 


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